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Smartive Packaging

Smart and active packaging has been developed to achieve longer shelf life and better food quality. Active packaging during storage of food products, in addition to providing a protective barrier against external influence, is also active at the same time and by making changes such as the exchange (import or removal) of materials inside the package, maintains or improves the quality or increases the shelf life of the product. Antimicrobial and antioxidant packaging are among the most widely used active packaging in food. On the other hand, smart packaging warns the consumer to be aware of the conditions and capabilities of the food product inside the package, including its quality and safety. A successful smart packaging system can obtain and display important information from small and not-so-expensive tools such as small tags on the packaging, thereby reducing complaints and product returns and waste. Types of quality and freshness indicators (e.g. temperature indicators ,TTI, gas and microbial metabolites-level control) are among the most widely used.  
Smartive” packaging is a synergistic and optimal technology of simultaneous combination of active and smart packaging. The result of this powerful and functional technique is high quality and safe food products that have a long shelf life and also show it in case of spoilage and possible toxicity. Recently, nanotechnology has been used to obtain better properties in packaging films. Electrospun nanofiber layers, due to their unique properties such as specific surface area and high porosity, are able to encapsulate and control release of natural and bioactive preservatives into food, and also because of their good permeability of metabolites and intelligent response to environmental changes (temperature, humidity, etc.), play a very effective role in the production of “smartive” nano composite packaging materials.