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nanofibers wound healing

Wound Healing

The incidence of chronic wounds is increasing due to our aging population and the augment of people afflicted with diabetes. Following the development of medical materials and pharmaceutical technology, nanofibers have been developed by electrospinning with huge porosity, excellent humidity absorption, a better oxygen exchange rate, and some antibacterial activities. That’s to say, as a potential material, nanofibers must be a wonderful candidate for wound treatment with so many benefits. Careful selection of polymers from natural resources and synthetic resources can widen the Nano fibrous application.
Popular methods applied for Nano fibrous fabrication consist of uniaxial electrospinning and coaxial electrospinning. Furthermore, nanofibers loading chemical, biochemical active pharmaceutical ingredients, or even stem cells can be wonderful dosage forms for the treatment of wounds. The main objective of this project is to design an effective wound dressing based on different polymers and different bioactive materials. This study can further broaden the application range of bioactive and provide a reference for the design and development of new wound dressings in the future.