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Nano Mission

The Special Staff for Nanotechnology Development has implemented an incentive support program for nanotechnology research activities since 2004. This program is in line with the goals of the ten-year strategy document of nanotechnology (2005-2015) with the aim of encouraging researchers to enter the field of nanotechnology and to cultivate specialized human capital to develop this technology in the country. After the approval of the second document on the development of nanotechnology (2005-2015) and the industrial approach of this document, the incentive support program will focus on the two axes of “improving the quality of research” and “conducting research needed for the present and future of the country.”¬† Based on the approaches of the second ten-year document, the Special Staff for Nanotechnology Development implements incentive support programs to support the publication of articles in selected journals and to support industrial-user dissertations.
Capacity building is the utmost importance for the Nano Mission so that Iran emerges as a global knowledge-hub in this field. The Nano Mission will strive for the development of products and processes for national development, especially in the areas of national relevance like safe drinking water, materials development, sensors development, drug delivery etc.
For this, it will forge linkages between educational and research institutions and industry and promote public private partnerships, the Nano Mission has been structured in a fashion so, as to achieve synergy between the national research efforts of various agencies in Nano Science and Technology and launch a new programs in a concerted fashion.
1– Basic Research Promotion
2–¬†Infrastructure Development for Nano Science and Technology
3– Nano Applications and Technology Development Programmers
4– Human Resource Development
5– International Collaborations